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What is this?
A DreamWidth roleplay.

What do we do here?
Roleplay, you dumbshit., well, okay. Um, how about a better description of where we are?
"You wake up in a mysterious, subtly threatening location with no idea of where you are or how you got there. Where are you!? How did you get there!? Why have you suddenly been teleported into a completely new world, or a slightly altered version of your own world for no reason!?"

But that's straight off the synopsis!
Yeah, so what. Just pretend everything is here, mashed into one retarded patchwork world of RP laziness.

But how are we even communicating? This makes no sense...
Do you ever really understand what the hell the worlds are like in other RPs anyway?

Well, okay, you have a point. So... what can we expect to see happening? You mentioned curses and events?
That's right. See, one week you'll be catching AIDS in [community profile] discedo, then suddenly find yourself unable to stop tl;dring [community profile] damned_institute, then everything will change again and you'll be gender-swapped and power-drained and pregnant in [community profile] poly_chromatic.

................. what.
The roleplays themselves are the events. Your characters will soon learn to fear them. We play off and exaggerate the stereotypical stuff the other LJ roleplays have conveniently provided for us and create our own meta-roleplay that way.

I still don't get it because I'm dumb.
Every so often the world will change and drop your characters into a parody of an existing RP. For example, if we are parodying a furry RP, your character will probably end up with animal ears and random wings, or whatever the hell else that roleplay has, for the duration of the event. If we are parodying an all-boys high school yaoi roleplay, everyone will suddenly be a gay man, even the women.

I still don't -

But what makes this roleplay special and different from other ones?

So why should I play in it?
You're sick of typical DW RP? You want to play somewhere that isn't so serious? You have no life, as evidenced by you having nothing better to do than read this F.A.Q. about a roleplay on DreamWidth?

You're not very nice.
I'm honest. Anything else?

Not for now, but if anything does come up, I'll be sure to get it wrong and fuck it up in the game before thinking of asking you here.
Thx. Bye!


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